Who are The Dimples?


Judith Lerner

Judith Lerner brings a lifetime of musical self-expression and a passion for “delighting in exquisite exchange” to making music with others. 

A classically trained violinist, she transitioned to “fiddling around” in improv jam sessions with friends. In 1995, after being drawn to the expressive freedom and energy of African drumming and drum circles, she started playing Djembe.

Finding the answer to her mother’s question “what’s your heart’s desire?” Judith's world shifted on its axis when she happened upon a handpan video on YouTube in August 2012. Instantly captivated, she's been following her “YES” on a miraculous journey with the handpan

A seeker and facilitator of sharing that which connects us to each other, the planet, and our sources of personal power, Judith co-facilitates “Magic of Music” workshops, has accompanied the Occidental Community Choir as guest percussionist, performs solo and with friends (including opening for Dante Bucci with Colin Foulke), and looks for and takes every opportunity to improvise, collaborate, and play with other musicians.


Colin Foulke

For the last 7 years, Colin Foulke has dedicated his life to handpans. After discovering them in early 2007 he was set on a course of musical discovery. 

From Germany to Russia, England to Canada, Northern California to North Carolina, Colin has traveled the world playing, performing, and sharing his love for this new and exciting musical instrument. Colin has performed at both the HangoutUK in England and Handpangea in North Carolina, the world’s two biggest handpan gatherings. Most notably he has performed with Davide Swarup and Randy Granger and opened shows with Dante Bucci.  

Along with performing, Colin runs workshops on Handpan techniques, teaches online handpan lessons, and has released a Handpan tutorial DVD.